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India.net.au is a very well established news site that caters to monitoring and updating people’s needs when it comes to Indian news and Indian-related articles. By getting in touch with us people will be able to inquire us on all aspects related to India, how the people are and all the updated information about it.

India.net.au distributes original India-related feature articles, news analyses, commentaries and interviews from all over the world to print and electronic media.

Basically, we are here to help people out by letting them know the latest news and important updates of events that are happening in India, their festivities and the like.

We have a team of five members consisting of a valuable and very responsive monitoring team, writers and web developers.

Our combined years of experience allow us to react very fast to any inquiries people throw at us. We are reliable because we know what it means to work as a team and how efficient this makes us. Our goal is to not only offer people the news they are looking for but the information that is vital and they will remember us and consider our effort essential for them.

A news site should be reliable enough in order for people to get their daily dose of news and information about the people in the world and in India, their current situation and their leaders. Of course, the team highly appreciates people’s views and urges everyone to contribute to our site’s articles keeping our website interactive.

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