The 5 Most Expensive Houses in India

Here is a list of India’s top five most expensive houses, from Mukesh Ambani’s ‘Antilia’ to Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Jalsa’ to Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’ to Ratan Tata’s ‘Retirement Home.’

1. Antilia

Antilia is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries. Antilia isn’t just India’s most expensive home; it’s also the world’s most costly residence. The Altamount Road in Mumbai is one of the city’s most expensive thoroughfares, and Antilia is a 568-foot skyscraper with 27 stories. The Ambani home was designed by Will & Perkins, the renowned Chicago-based architect. It has 9 elevators, 3 helipads, an ice cream parlour, an 80-seat movie theatre, salon, gym, and more. Besides that, the home includes multilevel car parking to park Mukesh Ambani and his family’s enormous and expensive automobiles. The enormous swimming pool in the residence is large enough to accommodate Ambanis for a pool party.

This tall structure, which is beautifully constructed, can withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake. The skyscraper, which is composed of marble, gems, and mother of pearl, is exquisite. However, no two levels of the home use the same plan or material. Around 600 people work at Mukesh Ambani’s mansion Antilia. It’s said to cost anywhere from Rs 6 billion to Rs 12 billion.

2. JK House

The chairman of Raymond Group, Gautam Singhania, has built a 30-story building with the name JK House on the same road as Antilia. The value of JK House is about Rs. 6,000 crores and it is a 30-story building with a contemporary residential area, two swimming pools, and five floors of reserved parking for storing the world’s most expensive vehicles.

There is a helipad reserved for his choppers, as well as a spa, a gym, recreational facilities, and more. Each family member may have his or her own space and enjoy panoramic views from spacious gardens and terraces on the upper levels of the home. Gautam Singhania’s mansion is located in South Mumbai and has an excellent position.

3. Mannat

‘Mannat,’ the home of Bollywood’s King Khan, is no mystery. The modern house is located at Bandstand in Bandra, Mumbai and overlooks the Arabian Sea. The magnificent home, which includes several bedrooms, a library, gym, private theatre, and a variety of other facilities, is thought to be worth around 200 crores. Every day thousands of tourists visit the mansion to take photographs outside and see Shah Rukh Khan.

Gauri Khan, the wife of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, is a well-known interior designer who worked with renowned designer Kaif Faquih to create the home. The house is said to contain a lot of antiques and exclusive items from high-end boutiques.

The mansion is linked to the ground floor through elevators. The two living rooms in Mannat, which are decorated with works by M.F Hussain and other art objects and antiques, are among them. Entertainment is focused on the entire floor of the home, which includes a personal bar as well as entertainment centres for children. This neo-classical 6-story house was one of India’s most expensive residences ever.

4. Abode

Anil Ambani’s mansion, Abode, is a 70-meter high home with a helipad that spans 16,000 sq. ft. It’s in Pali Hill, Mumbai, and was formerly the residence of Mukesh Ambani and his family before they moved to Antilia. ABODE is an Anil Ambani house with a helipad that spans 16,000 square feet across 16 palatial acres near Pali Hill in Mumbai.

The grand mansion’s entrance has been exquisitely designed, with glass windows that allow natural light to flood the white rooms. A gym, spa, swimming pool, and all of the other seven-star hotel amenities are included in the magnificent property. Anil Ambani’s “Abode” deserves to be on the list of India’s most costly houses, according to a valuation of around Rs 5,000 crores.

5. Jalsa

Amitabh Bachchan, ‘Bollywood’s Big B,’ owns a lovely home in Mumbai’s Juhu called ‘Jalsa’ (meaning celebration). The home was initially known as ‘Mansa’ (meaning emperor), but it was changed to ‘Jalsa’ on the advice of an astrologer.

After completing the filming of Satte Pe Satta (1973), Ramesh Sippy gave Amitabh Bachchan a 10,123-square-foot home and inscribed it with his name. After finishing work on Satte Pe Satta, Ramesh Sippy gifted Amitabh Bachchan this mansion. Many of Amitabh Bachchan’s classic films, such as Chupke Chupke and Anand, were shot here.

The house ‘Jalsa,’ which is inhabited by the legendary actor, is worth an estimated 120 crores. Thousands of people from across the world visit Jalsa each year to see the evergreen actor’s home, which has become a temple for many aspiring performers. A beautiful garden, grand porch, soft carpets, magnificent chandeliers, royal paintings, and other amenities have been added to Jalsa.